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Student comments - José Luis Corella

Student comments

I have had the chance to take the great master Jose Luis Corella ́s Retrato 2.0 workshop. Through three days, the experiences were always enriching. First, for the confidence, support and motivation that he gives you, due to in addition to be a great artist, he is even a better person. No matter your level as painter, he will take the time to answer every single question clearly, even if they are simples or “basics”. Similarly, if your doubts are about his artwork particularly, technique, the tools, the color and their using, and in general the way that he lives and see the art, he will explain you everything, so preparing a lot of questions before the workshop is a good idea.
In a Corella ́s workshop probably you will don ́t do what you habitually do. Since maybe you will have to begin to see the things in a different way and push your limits beyond. You will beef up solid basis in your technic, to latter explore though his method, which prioritize to be guided by the emotions that the color induces, more than by the razon... that is the better part.
At ending such gratifying experience, you maybe feel more motivated to continue advancing and will have a new wide-open horizon. Seeing working such a great artist, and feeling their guide in your work maybe will be a key in your developing, it surely will fill you of inspiration and it ́s reflects in your artwork.
No matter your level, I would totally recommend it.

Alejandro E. Reyes Rivera

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